• Eine große Attraktion
  • Geeignet für Kinder ab vier Jahren.
  • Eine Attraktion mit vielen Möglichkeiten

Hier geht’s rund her!

Die Softball-Arena ist eine Attraktion in immer mehr Spielplätzen und hat sich als Branchenstandard etabliert. Ein speziell entwickelter Raum innerhalb der Spielstruktur wird mit Ballkanonen, Ball-Fontänen und sogenannten Dumping-Basket ausgestattet. Kinder ab vier Jahren und auch insbesondere ältere Kinder werden in unserer Softball-Arena viel Spaß haben.

 Mit unseren Ballkanonen können Kinder Softbälle in die Softball-Arena schießen, Kleinkinder können die Ball-Fontäne mit Bällen füllen und den Auslösemechanismus des Dumping-Baskets betätigen, um sich in einem Ballschauer vorzufinden. Die Bälle fliegen  rundherum – Kinderspaß pur! Der Dumping-Basket in Verbindung mit einem sogenannten Ball-Blower befördert die Bällchen in einem Transportsystem an die Spitze der Spielstruktur. Auf manuell auszulösenden Knopfdruck öffnet sich der Korb und die Bällchen fallen wie ein Schauer runter.

Die Bälle in der Softball-Arena fliegen umher und bereiten den Kinder eine Menge Spaß. Die Attraktion ist für verschiedene Altersgruppen geeignet und ist von großem Wert in Ihrer Spielstruktur. 

Mehr info:

Entdecken Sie unsere Kanonen, Ball-Fontänen und Dumping-Baskets und lassen Sie die Softbälle umherfliegen! Die Softball-Arena ist eine anspruchsvolle Attraktion für alle!




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Tobebox Oberhausen





Funcity Luxembourgh

A state-of-the-art project from our partner ELIplay Germany (Playlife). The customer tooks some time, but we're happy we could finally finalize this great project! Because of some changes in the meantime at our production facility Playlife had to built there own first drop down slide! The playground has a lot of attraction for children to enjoy their time: slides, trampolines, kart track, rollerrun, powertower and so much more!

The playground is part of the partycentrum Fun-city Luxembourgh and is around 1000 m2 big! This playground shows that making a family entertainment centrum can be very succesfull! 

Darteldome Kerkrade

Darteldome Kerkrade opened the doors of her new playground in the end of November 2013. This new playground, located in Leisuredome Kerkrade attracted hunderds of kids on their opening day. The playground is equipped with attractions for children between zero and twelve years old. Darteldome Kerkrade is a great place for a family trip.

The playground includes a wide range of activities and children can play, climb in the PowerTower, playstructure or climbing wall. Next to the big play structure there is a special toddler area where the little kids can play safely. Darteldome also opened a new playground in Sittard.

Darteldome Sittard

Also the second location of Darteldome opened her doors in Sittard. At november 30th Darteldome opened her second playground with 1900 m2 of fun. A lot of children visited the new playground and even 'sinterklaas' visited the playground. The playground is a challenge for children till 12 years old. They can climb around, slide down and enjoy their time for many hours.

The playground includes a donutglider, karttrack and a powertower. Ofcourse there are aswell slides, climbing walls, trampoline, funshooting arena, funblock area and so much more! 

Park Family Fun Oswiecim

After many countries also Poland starts to build a lot of Family Entertainment Centrums and our partnerPlayday creates big, fantastic playgrounds together with their customers. In July Family Fun Park Oswiecim opened the doors of their new playground of almost 500 m2 and almost 7 meter height! This playground shows that also in Poland they are ready to enjoy the fun of a big indoor playground. 

The playground includes a play structure of 4 layers an includes a karttrack, building block area, softball experience, slides, trampolines and so much more! Everyone between the age of 1 and 12 years old can enjoy themselves for a few hours! A great place to go together with friends and their children. 

Hullie Speelboerderij Uden

September 2013 Hullie Speelboerderij in Uden opened the doors of their new addition of their playground. The new play-hall is an extension on the existing structure on the succesfull indoor and outdoor playground. In October 2002 Anita en Henk opened the doors of Hullie Speelboerderij in Uden. After years of keeping livestock Anita and Henk made the decision to start a playground.

Everyone in Uden and surroundings are familair with the indoor playground and the owners are always looking for nieuwe possibilities to keep the playground attractive for everyone. Hullie is located at the nearby nature reserve 'De Bedafse Bergen' en thanks to the Brabantse hospitality everyone feels welcome.

The new playground includes a PowerTowerclimbing volcanokindertrampolinessoft ball experience,spiral slide and so much more!

Hansa Park

Discover the new playground at HansaPark, Sierksdorf in Germany. In Hansa Park, both young and old can enjoy themselves. The whole family can have fun together because even the adults can stand upright and can move easily and play together with the children.

The playground is part of the development of the “Hanseatic League in Europe” theme in Hansa Park. The indoor playground is in Venetian theme and is called ‘Fondaco dei Tedeschi’: The story goes that in the old days, German merchants had to present their goods at the German trading house “Fondaco dei Tedeschi’ in Venice before they were allowed to sell them under the strict supervision of the mighty city that once dominated a large part of the Mediterranean.

The indoor playgrounds includes 600 square meters of fun spread over two levels. The attraction includes a lot of play events and a softball shooting arena with 16 cannons and there are two free-fall slides in the structure.


L’ilot Z’enfants Caen
Discover L’îlot Z’enfants, indoor playground and a trampoline park from France! A challenging playground with a nice theming which will be loved by all children. Children can enjoy their time in one of the many attractions that the playground has to offer: buildingblock arena, ball pool, powertower, climbing volcano etc. All ‘classic’ attractions can be found in this playground.

Also our newest product, the JumpArena is added to this playground. Children can enjoy their time and use all their energy on the JumpArena! The diagonal jumpsheets offers the children an opportunity to practice their tricks!

City Kids Augsburg