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Die Attraktion Nr. 1 für die Kleinsten!

Wenn Sie wenig Platz für Ihre Kinderecke zur Verfügung haben,kann die ELI selbst die kleinsten Flächen in einen bunten Ballpool verwandeln. Sie können den Ballpool in den Spielturm oder den Kleinkindbereich integrieren oder ein einen alleinstehenden Ballpool platzieren.  

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Ein Ballpool in Ihrem Indoor-Spielplatz oder der Kinderecke bringt viel Spielspaß.




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Tobebox Oberhausen





WEKO Möbelhaus

Check out the Weko Möbelhaus in Pfarrkirchen project from our partner ELIplay Germany! The playground is built in the store of WEKO in Pfarrkirchen. Children can have the time of their life while their parents are shopping for some new furniture. This project shows the advantages of placing a playstructure within your store. The playstructure exits out of slides, crawl tubes, ball pool, punching balls and so much more!

Children can run, jump and play around in the huge ball pool and enjoy their time fully. Placing a playstructure in your store gives parents the space to do their shopping in a 'relax' way. There are more relaxed without the children and they don't need to worry about them. A nice solution which is a benefits for you and your customer. 

Darteldome Kerkrade

Darteldome Kerkrade opened the doors of her new playground in the end of November 2013. This new playground, located in Leisuredome Kerkrade attracted hunderds of kids on their opening day. The playground is equipped with attractions for children between zero and twelve years old. Darteldome Kerkrade is a great place for a family trip.

The playground includes a wide range of activities and children can play, climb in the PowerTower, playstructure or climbing wall. Next to the big play structure there is a special toddler area where the little kids can play safely. Darteldome also opened a new playground in Sittard.

Camping Sunelia L\'Atlantique

Sunelia L'Atlantique is a great example of an indoor play structure at a camping side. Good weather is not always guaranteed but also on rainy days children need to lose their energy. Sunelia L’Atlantique checked with our France partner, VCS France, to look for a solution. To find a solution for different ages levels VCS France advised a bigger playstructure for children from 4 to 12 years old. For the smaller ones VCS France advised a small toddler area so they can play safely without getting knocked down by the older children.

The playground includes a big play structure, power tower, slides and a separate toddler area with soft play elements. Everyone can have a great time.

Darteldome Sittard

Also the second location of Darteldome opened her doors in Sittard. At november 30th Darteldome opened her second playground with 1900 m2 of fun. A lot of children visited the new playground and even 'sinterklaas' visited the playground. The playground is a challenge for children till 12 years old. They can climb around, slide down and enjoy their time for many hours.

The playground includes a donutglider, karttrack and a powertower. Ofcourse there are aswell slides, climbing walls, trampoline, funshooting arena, funblock area and so much more! 

Pannenkoekhuis De Oude Maas Macheren

In 1998 'De Oude Maas' opened the doors of their pancake restaurant. Now 16 years later they decided to open an indoor playground next to their restaurant. Opening an indoor playground was a dream come true and 'de Oude Maas' hopes that their customers are happy with this 'extra' activity. 

The playground is provide with a play structure and a toddler area where children can play all day long. Children can play in the playground when they are visiting the restaurant but also when you're not visiting the restaurant children can join the playground.

The playstructure offers a wide range of playevents, a powertower, slides, donut glider, trampolines, ball pool and soft play materials. The playground is a big challenge for children from zero to twelve years old.

Ballorig Veldhoven

For already more than 16 years Ballorig brings fun and entertainment to children and parents in the Netherlands. Since July 2014 children and their parents can visit Ballorig Veldhoven. Most of the play structure is placed in the back of the hall! The playground exits of a big play structure and different standalone attraction! The rest of the hall is filled with chairs and table so parents can also enjoy their time.

Ballorig shows again that a big playground can attract hundreds of children each day. This playground offers a wide range of attraction for different age levels: toddler area with soft play elements, slide and playhouses. For the older children there are a lot of challenges in the bigger play structure like a powertower, rollerrun, volcano, ladder challenge, donut glider and so much more!

Kiddiez Speeltuin Babberich
Kiddiez has a lot to offer thanks to the great design of our partner VCS Play Netherlands! Kiddiez offers a wide range of activities: even the smallest one will enjoy their time in the special baby and toddler corners. To youngest children can enjoy their time with turn-play panels, play panels, soft play elements, ball pool and a slide. The youngest one can play safely without getting disturb by the older children.

When the children are four years old or older they can go into the big play structure with a powertower, building block area and slides. The children will enjoy their time! Not only Dutch children will visit this playground, as well German people will visit Kiddiez because it’s located nearby the German border.

This playground show again the unique location can be a perfect place to open a playground. Kiddiez is located in an old school building which is transformed into a challenging indoor playground for each age. By using this fantastic location there is a nice, warm atmosphere with a lot of daylight.

L’ilot Z’enfants Caen
Discover L’îlot Z’enfants, indoor playground and a trampoline park from France! A challenging playground with a nice theming which will be loved by all children. Children can enjoy their time in one of the many attractions that the playground has to offer: buildingblock arena, ball pool, powertower, climbing volcano etc. All ‘classic’ attractions can be found in this playground.

Also our newest product, the JumpArena is added to this playground. Children can enjoy their time and use all their energy on the JumpArena! The diagonal jumpsheets offers the children an opportunity to practice their tricks!

Rozengaarde Doetinchem makes another step, where previously people could enjoy the pool now you can enjoy lots off play activities! As of December 20 Rozengaarde opens the doors under the name ' Skyzone Doetinchem'. The new family entertainment park!