New: ELI Jump

Trampoline parks are hot and more and more parks are opening in Europe and the rest of the world! That’s why we’re launching a new trampoline system: ELI Jump. The smart design allows more creativity in the layout and drastically reduces the installation time. The installation costs will be reduced and trampoline parks with ELI Jump can be opened quicker.

Over 22 years ago our adventure started with cleaning ball pools at IKEA and McDonald’s. But today we are conquering the trampoline-world all over the world! In 2013 ELI Play Netherlands built its first trampoline installation at Duinoord in Helvoirt en shortly after a complete Jump Arena at Superfun in Amersfoort.

The past year we’ve seen a booming increase in the trampoline market and ELI Play sold over 15 trampoline parks in the Netherlands, France, Germany and even the United Arab Emirates! Eric Verstappen: “ELI Play keeps on going and for the coming year we have some beautiful projects planned, all produced in our own production facility. At the moment we’re installing our new ELI Jump system at SuperFly Ruhr in Germany. This installation will be the biggest in Europe with 3000m2 and has everything the visitor can wish for: trampolines, foam pits, slacklines, dunk areas and more!”

All these market developments make us excited to improve ourselves every day and this lead to the creation of the new ELI Jump system. A versatile trampoline system which is produced conform the American norm (with even more safety features)! 


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