2015 in a nutshell!

2015 flew by, the hype around the ‘trampoline parks’ continues and we sold more than 100 projects worldwide from Thailand to Venezuela, which includes more than 35 trampolines parks!  Also the first months of 2016 flown by and it’s time to take some rest and look back..

More than 23 years ago, it all started with cleaning the ball pools at IKEA and McDonald's. Today ELI Play rules the worlds of trampoline parks and playgrounds in Europe and beyond. We already realized hundreds of project and since the end of 2014 we realized more than 45 trampoline parks, something we are proud of!

To realize more than 100 projects in a year means we not only needed to hire more staff but also make some other investments. Last year the number of employees became more than 100, we renovated our current building more than five times and we decided to move the welding department into another building together with our welding robot who can help us with a lot of work! 

ELI experienced together with its employees a tremendous growth over the past year, something we are extremely proud of. Thanks to this growth we can be the supplier that the customer expect from us: a high quality supplier, with Dutch quality thanks to our own production facility!

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