Sprungkissen/ Schnitzelwanne

  • So ist immer eine sichere und komfortable Landung sichergestellt
  • Die Möglichkeit aufwändige oder schwierige Turnfiguren und Tricks gefahrlos zu üben

Hier ist es möglich die schwierigsten Tricks und Sprünge gefahrlos zu üben. Alle möglichen Figuren sind machbar und gefahrlos zu landen.

Das Kissen oder die Schnitzelwanne gewährleistet eine gefahrlose Landung, gleich in welcher Position. So kann für viele Sportarten gefahrlos geübt werden bevor die Show auf „normalen“ Trampolinen gezeigt wird. Am Ende der Langbahn ist auch eine Schnitzelwanne, ein Sprungkissen oder ein Schaumgummiblock als zusätzliche Schwierigkeit möglich. So werden ungeahnte Figuren möglich.

Dieses Produkt wird eingesetzt in::

Jump XL

At the moment ELI Play is working on a new JumpXL venue in Perrigny, France. This huge trampoline park with a stunning 31 fields will bring its jumpers endless uses.

The large pillowpit combined with the stunt area and the Jump Tower offer a spacious and safe practicing facility. Next to this, the park includes Dunk Areas and a trampoline with a total length of over 20 meters!

JumpXL offers you a partnership opportunity to become part of the JumpXL family. Entrepreneurs work together to strengthen the brand troughout Europe. For more information you can go to http://jump-xl.com/

JumpXL Lille

JumpXL is taking their first steps in France. In the end of December Indoor Playground and Trampoline park Star Team in Seclin, Lille is opening their doors! The trampoline park from Star Team will be part of the JumpXL family!

Children can enjoy their time on the new trampoline with 14 fields and two diagonal sides. Children and kids can practice their tricks, somersaults and practice until they are trained jumpers. Also for free runners trampoline parks are a safe environment to practice their skills.  

JumpXL is the partner you’re looking for! You can be part of the big JumpXL family. Together they are working on branding their brand in Europe and further!

Parc du Petit Prince
ELI Play France has installed a Trampoline Park at the Petit Prince amusement park in Ungersheim, France. This average sized trampoline park has a Dodgeball court and stunt area with a PillowPit and JumpTower. The customer has themed the park with a gigantic projection screen and transformed it into a space adventure.
Vrog Amsterdam

VROG is a sports facility in Amsterdam which combines trampolines and Freerunning. A perfect match. For the experienced Freerunners the trampolines will add an extra dimension and for beginners it’s a safe place for practicing.

Exercising sports responsibly is one of the key aspects of VROG. That’s why the trampolines will be used by a wide variety of sports. It’s a safe and fun place for youth to get acquainted with new forms of exercising.

Urban Jump
Urban Jump Beauchamp is the first one in a row of the many trampoline parks this franchiser will open in France.  At Urban Jump Beauchamp children can play on the trampoline including jump tower, dodgeball area and main area. 900 m2 of trampolines .. who does'nt like that? You can jump on the trampolines with 30 people at the same time! See you soon at Urban Jump Beauchamp!
Airbound Trampoline Park Dundalk
Airbound in Ireland is a trampoline park that has a lot to offer. You can enjoy your time in this big park, the first one of ELI Play in Ireland! Here you can enjoy a main area, dunk area, dodgeball area and a jump tower! Plenty to do in Airbound for young and old!
Turbo Adventure Uppsala
Discover indoor playground and trampoline park, Turbo Adventure in Uppsala! A challenging playground that will appeal to many children. Children will enjoy the many attractions the playground has to offer. Mix movement and having fun on 1700 m2 of trampolines! On the play structure with timer you can challenge each other. Who's the fastest? Try it out at Turbo Adventure in Uppsala!
Kids House

ELI Play S.R.O. finished a new playground in Bratislava. From now on there also will be a trampoline park! KidsHouse has all the attractions you would need to entertain kids for hours and bring joy to the children’s live! During developing the idea of the establishment of the center, KidsHouse was constantly thinking about how to achieve a smile on a kids face.

Visiting KidsHouse will be a great trip for the whole family. The kids can practice all their tricks in a safe environment and with the diagonal sides of the trampolines there are endless possibilities of tricks to try!

Everyone can enjoy their time at KidsHouse Bratislava! 

JumpXL Waalwijk

JumpXL Waalwijk is already the next one on the long list of realized trampoline parks but this park is just a little bit more special than all the ones before because this parks includes our last innovations: balance beams, ninja course, jump walls, trampoline area, jumptower and we’re even waiting for some extra additions. If you want to know what ELI Play can offer you, then a visit to JumpXL Waalwijk is definitely your time worth.

JumpXL Waalwijk includes a ‘fun’ ninja course which offers everyone the possibility to challenge themselves to test their physical strength. This newest innovations is a great add-on to our current offer!